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Notice of ver6.6.0 release

The version was upgraded on April 2023, 3 (Wednesday).

Below is the outline of the version upgrade.

About version upgrade contents

new function

Customized items can now be registered, changed, and deleted as lead information.
Can be created/deleted on the Settings > Manage Custom Items screen.
Details are summarized below.


"Date of birth" has been added to the lead standard items.

Details are summarized below.


We have stopped using the CSV format for bulk import before ver3.0.0.
Details are summarized below.


It is now possible to change the license account from the management screen.


Other minor bug fixes have been made.

Version upgrade details

New: Added "Manage Custom Fields" feature.


Salesforce/Kintone integration is out of the scope of integration.

Free Plan-Account without "Manage Custom Fields" permissionThe custom fields feature is not available in .

[Operation point]
Settings > Manage Custom Items

・You can now manage leads by customizing and adding items.

・The created custom item can be used for lead saved search conditions, mail distribution list, and form.

"Date of birth" has been added to lead details.

[Operation point]
Lead Details > Change Lead

・You can set the date of birth of the lead.
・Can be used as a standard item for CSV import/export.
-It can be used as a standard item for Salesforce/Kintone linkage.


Even if you do not add the contents of "date of birth" in the new sample CSV file, the linkage will not be an error.

"Age" is automatically calculated based on the date of birth, but the information is not stored in the BowNow database.
Please note that it cannot be used for CSV import/export.

Abolition of old CSV format before ver3.0.0


CSV format can be used after ver3.0.0, but if you want to use custom item information, please download the sample CSV each time and import it all at once.

[Operation point]
Lead Management > Register Leads in Bulk > Select File

At the timing of switching to ver3.0.0, various names and notations have been changed, and the CSV format has become new.
Since then, the old format CSV could be used without error, but with the release of this custom item, it has become abolished.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

For customers who have saved and used the old format, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please download the new format from the above operation.

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