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Notice of ver6.9.0 release

The version was upgraded on April 2023, 9 (Wednesday).

Below is the outline of the version upgrade.

About version upgrade contents


We have added rules to comply with the international standard RFC (Request For Comments) when registering lead email addresses.

Details are summarized below.


Other minor bug fixes have been made.

Version upgrade details

Added rules for email address registration.


If the email address of an already registered lead violates the RFC and you send an email to that lead without correcting it, there is a possibility that some of the email delivery will result in a system error.

We recommend that you correct your information or remove yourself from the distribution list before distribution.

[Target function]
・Lead registration related (lead registration, lead change, bulk registration of leads, form CV, etc.)
・Form related (setting of sender email address, etc.)
・Email delivery related (setting of sender email address, etc.)
・License and account related (account email address, etc.)
*Please refer to the manual site below for details.

If you try to register under the following conditions, an error will occur.

・“.” is used at the beginning and immediately before @
・“.” is used consecutively
・More than 64 characters are entered before @
- The entire email address is 256 characters or more
・Contains symbols other than half-width alphanumeric characters and "-", "_", ".", "+", "?", and "/"

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