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Notice of ver6.18.0 release

The version was updated on Tuesday, August 2024, 3.

Below is the outline of the version upgrade.

About version upgrade contents


With the new email usage license, we will automatically check the existence of email addresses when registering leads or changing email addresses.
If the email address does not exist or is unknown, the lead will be tagged.
*If it is determined that the item exists, no tag will be added.

Details are summarized below.


In line with the above improvements, the following tags issued by the BowNow system can no longer be deleted voluntarily.
・Email check NG
・Unchecked Email
・Reactive *This tag is required for the ABM template ver2.0 system.

*It is not possible to delete tags from the system, but it is possible to delete them from each lead.


In line with the above improvements, the tag limit has been changed as follows.

[Before change] Up to 600 pieces
[After change] Up to 605 pieces



Other minor bug fixes have been made.

Version upgrade details

About email address check tag


If the "Email Check NG" tag is attached,It will not be eligible for email delivery.(Email will not be delivered.)
If a tag has been added to the address, but the address already exists, the user can remove the tag from the lead and the email can be sent.

Email delivery is possible even if the "Unchecked Email" tag is added.
*We do not implement distribution control because we will not know until we send it. If you are unable to send it, please delete the lead or correct your email address.

[Applicable operation]
[Automatic email address check]
・When registering new leads (individual/bulk registration, form CV)
・When changing a lead's email address
[Manual email address check]
-Setting up email delivery > When checking a lead's email address

If the email address check shows that delivery cannot be performed or the email address does not exist, we will add an "Email Check NG" tag to the lead.

Also, if the result of checking is that it is not known whether the email exists or not, an "Unchecked Email" tag will be added.

The above tagging function has been modified so that the corresponding tag will be added even if you manually check the email address.

Additionally, with each tag attached, change the email address of the corresponding lead, check the email address again, and if it is found to exist, the tag will be removed from the lead.

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