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Notice of ver4.5.6 release

The version was upgraded on April 2021, 5 (Wednesday).
There is no particular impact on the service due to the release.

Below is the outline of the version upgrade.

About version upgrade contents


Added a function to narrow down by email management label to the lead search screen.


Changed the line break specifications (width adjustment) when composing an email.
Enter → p tag, Shift + Enter → br tag

[After renovation]
Enter → br tag, Shift + Enter → p tag


It has been modified so that it can be sent with the value reflected in the insertion code when sending the mail test.
Email address where information is registered in the leadThe information will be reflected when you send a test with.
If the email address is not registered in the lead, leave it as the merge codeWill be received.


Last month / Last month, we made it possible to check the PV.
Also, if the PV information is fixed on the last day of the end of the month and the lead is deleted after that, the effect on the number of PV has disappeared.


Fixed a bug that "person in charge" is set in both the search condition and exclusion condition of the lead search screen when logging in with an account that has "Initial display of lead information" checked.


Other minor bug fixes have been made.

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