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ver1.4.3 Maintenance notice

BowNow will be upgraded on November 2016, 12.
Please check the detailed information below.



I'm currently using BowNow
There was a "company trace function" that allows you to grasp the company name from the IP address of the visiting user.
However, this time it was confirmed that the information in the "company information linked to the IP address" contains inconsistent information.
Inconsistent information will be deleted in this version upgrade.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but the following is a summary of the changes made in this version upgrade.
Please confirm.

1. Behavior on the dashboard

The number of acquired companies is displayed on the dashboard page.
Since the number of acquired companies includes companies whose company name is determined by IP address, the number of acquired companies may decrease after the version upgrade.

2. Behavior in trace reports

If the company IP address can be confirmed in the trace report, a link was attached to the company name.
Again, if the information is inconsistent after the version upgrade, the link may disappear.

3. Behavior in the lead list

On the lead list page, the company name is displayed next to the lead.
Currently, the company linked to the IP address is set as a link, and clicking it will take you to the company details page.

After this version upgrade, the display of currently linked companies will be changed.

When the company name is registered by batch registration or individual registration

If the company name was registered by batch registration or individual registration, the linked company name
The link may be broken.
(* Not all company names with links, only inconsistent information)

When there is no item of company name in the inquiry form and it is displayed only by determining the IP address

If you receive an inquiry using a form that does not have an item to describe the company name and you can confirm which company from the IP address, after this version upgrade, since there is no company name associated with it, it will be displayed by IP address It will be like.

4. Behavior in form management

The lead converted on the form also had a link to the company name when the company IP address could be confirmed.
Again, if the information is inconsistent after the version upgrade, the link may disappear.
(Same as the lead list page.)

The above is the changed part.
With this version upgrade, the system will be more accurate.
Thank you in the future.

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