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Notice of ver3.7.0 release

BowNow will be upgraded on January 2019, 4 (Wednesday).
Below is the outline of the version upgrade.

About version upgrade contents

new function

Cookie acquisition list display
When displaying the personal information acquisition confirmation pop-up, you can display a list of services for which cookies are acquired.


The ABM template specifications have been changed.


The tracking ID storage specifications have been changed in line with the ITP 2.1 specification changes.

Version upgrade details

Cookie acquisition list display

When you use the cookie acquisition list display, a list of external services that handle cookies is automatically generated on the site.It automatically detects the use of personal data (cookie information and IP address) and creates a link to the opt-out page when handling personal data.

ABM template specification change

Partially changed the specification of status change in ABM template.

(XNUMX) Added "Supporting" and "Not applicable" status to the initial setting status.
(XNUMX) Change the alert conditions for "visited users" to "site access", "email inflow", and "COCOAR inflow" only.
(XNUMX) In order to prevent the delivery stop form etc. from being an "explicit" action, we have prepared a check function to "exclude from the ABM template target" for each form.

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