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Detailed information

You can check the "lead information" registered in the lead in a list.

The affiliated company is displayed when the company information registered in the company management matches the company IP address at the time of access, or the telephone number is the same.If it is not determined, it will not be displayed.

With the release of ver4.7.0, "Memo" has been changed to "Remarks".
With the release of ver6.0.0, "date of birth" and "custom items" have been added.


*The age is automatically calculated based on the date of birth, but the information is not stored in the BowNow database.
Please note that it cannot be used for CSV import/export.

*If even one custom item has been created on BowNow (Settings > Manage Custom Items), it will be displayed as a lead detail information item, but if it has not been createdClose.

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