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ver2.0.3 Maintenance notice

BowNow maintenance was performed on May 2017, 5.
Please check the detailed information below.


Repair of mail function malfunction

Regarding the problem at the time of mail delivery, which has occurred since April 2017, 4, we have completed the correction support.

Correction of password reset in member registration form

There was a problem when reissuing the BowNow membership registration form to those who have forgotten their password, but the correction has been completed.

In case of search conditions unique to the lead information page, it will be blank when CSV is output.

For unique search criteria on the lead information page
Even if I output CSV, CSV was exported as a blank sheet, but the correction has been completed.

Other minor bug fixes

The above is the part where the correction is completed.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
Thank you for your understanding.

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