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Thank you for introducing the BowNow Free Plan.
Here, we will show you what you can and cannot do with the free plan.


If you install the tracking code obtained from the BowNow management screen on the website, the behavior log of the user who accessed the website will be obtained.
However, if you just install it on the websiteIt is not possible to identify the individual "who" and the information is accumulated as "Unknown"..
If you want to identify the "who" individual, you need to know (lead) your email address and track it.

* If you are the user who submitted the form, you can perform both lead registration and tracking at the same time.
* If you perform individual registration or CSV batch registration and lead registration, you need to track separately.

What you can do with the free plan (free)

With BowNow, you can get data about the behavior of users who visit the website registered on the management screen.

Automatic display of company name (automatic display of company name from 15 IP list)

Not only can you see the list of companies visiting the website, but you can also see how many people are coming from the same company (UU), from the real names of prospective customers who have had contacts in the past, the details of the contacts, and the sales staff.
If the core target industry and company size are decided, you can also check whether the company meets the conditions.

Management of individual logs

BowNow uses BowNow as a method to extract hot leads by specifying not only the past contact points, access logs, and contact history of marketing measures as described above, but also the page to be confirmed and the number of times for each period of all actions. It is possible to search for users who meet the requirements.
If the conditions that are the core target are decided, the company information is also included in the search conditions.

Just by installing the BowNow tracking code, it is not possible to identify the individual "who", and information is accumulated as an "Unknown" user.
If you want to identify the individual "who", you need to know the email address and "lead" it.

Graphical report

By saving the above-mentioned search conditions and graphing the approach status (status) together, it can be applied to various marketing activities and sales activities.
It can be used in various situations such as "pipeline management for core target companies", "approach progress management of marketing measures (exhibitions, etc.)", and "project management of self-owned list".

Form creation (can be installed on an existing page with script)

You can easily create an inquiry form and a document download form to acquire personal information (information about prospective customers) and embed them in the website you are currently using.
Users who fill out this form will be automatically registered in BowNow and will be able to view individual logs.
* Up to one form can be created in the free plan.

Use of ABM template

I can't decide the status immediately in the company, and it takes time to decide, so I can't move on.Based on such customer feedback, we have created a template for status management and have begun to provide it.
A template of this status is called an ABM template.

The status is automatically classified and the hot leads can be grasped immediately.

Mail delivery function

You can send an email to the leads registered on the BowNow management screen.
Same-day delivery is possible because there is no need to set SPF / DKIM. 

In addition, in order to measure the data, create a tracking code on the BowNow management screen and install it on the website you want to measure, the data will be accumulated, and the measurement will start with BowNow.

What you cannot do with the free plan (free)

Monthly PV excess

For free plans, if the monthly PV exceeds 50,000 PV, the measurement will not be performed automatically.

Trace log has a deadline

Trace logs are deleted monthly. (1 days)
* In the case of a paid plan, it will be accumulated for 2 years.

Number of registered domains

Only one domain can be used.
If you want to measure multiple sites, the number of registered domains is unlimited if you have a light plan or higher.

Form creation

Only one form can be used.
In the case of creating multiple forms, form creation is unlimited for entry plans and above.

Manned support

If you are using the free plan, we do not provide manned support.
Please note that we may not be able to respond to your inquiries.
Please check the manual site or contact your sales representative.

Confirmation of each plan

Please refer to the following page for the price plan of each plan.

If you want to change to a paid plan, please contact the support desk.The person in charge will contact you shortly.

BowNow support window Reception hours: Weekdays from 10:12 to 13:17 / XNUMX:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX
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