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Thank you for introducing our marketing automation tool BowNow!
Please learn about basic functions to start BowNow on this page.


We will introduce a list of features and recommended features.

Making Strategies

As a practical part, we will introduce how to use and operate it to confirm its operation and produce results.

More Informations

Introducing a glossary of marketing and MA related terms and support systems.

*Please note that some information above may not apply to plans without email functions.


First-time users

Creating and setting a tracking code on your website

You can see which pages are viewed and which files are downloaded by setting a tracking code on your website.
Please check how to create and install a tracking code on your website on this page.

Basic functions

ABM template

It automatically assigns consideration levels according to users' movements.

Function list

Check frequently used functions


【Search for leads / Search for companies】

Search Condition



ABM Template


【Create a form】



【Compose and send email】



【Create and manage your account】


Making Strategies

I want to know the steps to use

How to create a form

How to send an email

How to extract users who can be potential customers

More Informations

Learn technical words

One-on-one support

BowNow Support Center is only for paid plan subscribers.
Please note that free plan customers are not eligible.
If you are using the free plan, please check the manual site or contact your sales representative.

<Technical support>

Inquiries about technical questions of BowNow

Reception hours: Weekdays from 10am to 12am / 1pm to 5:30pm(JST)
Tel: +81-50-3196-1032

< Utilization support >

Consultation on how to utilize BowNow

Reception hours: Weekdays from 9am to XNUMXpm (JST)
Email: bownowcs@cloudcircus.co.jp

Study session information