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[New] Email

BowNow's mail delivery screen has been renewed.
If you want to change from the environment you have been using, please consult with the sales staff in charge or the utilization support team, or contact support.

With email, you can send emails to the leads registered in BowNow all at once, or send emails of up to 10 steps to each person starting from the form submission of the form created with BowNow.
You can also check the "sent", "arrival", "open", and "click" of the delivered email on the screen.

The email creation screen is divided into steps for each content to be worked on, and multiple responsive HTML templates are available for the email body.You can also check the emails delivered in the past and recreate them.
You can also insert HTML emails created by the user without using templates.

Please note that you need to set the delivery settings before delivering the email.

With BowNow licenses issued after ver6.4.2, at the time of initial setting (after creating a tracking code) for all licenses, not limited to free and paid plansSample Mail Distribution List "Test Distribution List"is automatically generated, and even those who are using BowNow for the first time can easily demonstrate mail delivery.

The sample mail distribution list "test distribution list" isAs soon as the mail delivery setting is completedIt will be displayed, and you can first create and test the delivery of emails on the sample email distribution list.
*The aboveLicense to use the mail function with the free entry plan, with the Light Standard PlanNew email licenseOnly applicable.

If you are currently using the old mail function and want to use the new mail function, please contact us using the form below.
Click here to apply for a new email

Please be sure to check

  • ① After changing to the new mail environment,You will not be able to view or use the environment you were using before. 
  • (XNUMX) For the domain used as the sender of mail deliverySPF / DKIM settings requiredIt will be.
    • Sorry for your inconvenience to companies that have used the mail delivery function with BowNow from before, but the contents of setting SPF records
      v = spf1 include: spf.bserver.jp ~ all

      Please delete and make a new setting.
  • ③ Flow until mail delivery is possible
    • Issuance of SPF / DKIM setting information
      Please request from the red "Request SPF / DKIM setting information" in the management screen "Set mail delivery", and we will issue the setting information at a later date.After issuing, the setting information will be displayed on the "Set mail delivery" screen.
    • Set SPF / DKIM to the domain of the email address
      Please set the issued SPF / DKIM information in the DNS of the email address domain.
      * DNS settings require server expertise
      After completing the DNS settings, request confirmation of the SPF / DKIM settings from this screen.
    • Check SPF / DKIM settings
      We will check the DNS set by your company, and if there is no problem, we will set the mail sending function.After completing our settings, you will be able to use all of the mail delivery functions.
    • Start using the mail sending function
      From the request on the management screen to the start of using the mail delivery functionAt least about 10 business daysPlease use as a guide.
      However, it may take some time for your company to make the settings, and in some cases it may take some time for the settings to be completed because we need to confirm and respond to the settings.note that.
  • ④ The content of the text mail is1300 letters→ 30 characters (including line breaks) limitIt will be.
  • ⑤In order to increase the delivery rate of the new email function, we recommend sending warm-up messages in advance.Than
    Please note that sending a large number of emails before the warm-up is complete will increase the delivery time.
  • ⑥ The method of creating a delivery list for simultaneous mail delivery has been updated.
  • Click here for how to create an email delivery list
  • ⑦ About the authority of the "Set up mail delivery" screen for initial settings,ver. 6.0.5Than
    By checking "Available functions"> "Mail functions"> "Mail delivery settings" in the account settings
    Operation privileges can now be granted to non-licensed accounts.

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