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Notice of ver1.2.1 release

Lists changes and known issues in this version.
The reflection of this change in the manual has ended at the same time as the publication of this page.

About version upgrade contents


Improved screen display such as lead list and company trace screen and search response.


Fixed the problem that the CSV "Company / Organization Name" exported by the Duplicate Read Removal Tool was a number, so that the registered contents are displayed correctly.

Known issues


We have identified issues with unusual trace logs such as:
・ Lead / Unknown linked to multiple companies
・ Lead / unknown with abnormal PV number
・ Lead / unknown that seems to be irrelevant is identified
・ The content displayed in the PV details is incorrect.
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When searching for "viewing page address", it has been confirmed that it takes a long time to display the search results.


It has been confirmed that the response of the server deteriorates depending on the amount of data and the time of use.

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