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Notice of ver2.0.0 release

BowNow will be upgraded on November 2017, 4.
Below is the outline of the version upgrade.

Detailed information will be announced shortly before the version upgrade.

About version upgrade contents

Version upgrade details

New feature: You can now register as a company

You can now register your own company information separately from the company information obtained from your IP address.
This feature allows you to register manually, giving you a better idea of ​​what's happening at your corporate layer.

In addition, it has become possible to perform name identification (integration) between companies, and it has become possible to integrate and manage companies with multiple IP addresses.

New: You can now save your search criteria

Complex search conditions and frequently used search conditions can now be registered on the lead information and company information page, and saved search conditions can now be displayed in a graph.
By displaying it on a graph, you can check the information from a bird's-eye view.

New feature: Major changes in function display

You can now check the current lead information in general.
There are 3 changes
・ Lead information
・ Corporate information

Dashboard display, specification change

 >> Current dashboard

 >> 2.0.0 Dashboard after version upgrade

Change lead information display

 >> Current lead management page

 >> 2.0.0 Reed management page after version upgrade


 >> Current company list page

 >> 2.0.0 Corporate information page after version upgrade

Changed: The name of the left navigation has been partially changed.


 Trace report → Site report
 Lead management → Lead information
 Individual registration → Lead registration
 Batch registration → Lead batch registration
 Company Trace → A new navigation called "Company" has been added.

Enterprise (new navigation added)


 Create new → Create new form
 Registration file → File management


Plan change (new navigation added, only licensed accounts can be viewed)


Changed: You can now finely select the check of the account specification function.

You can now view the permissions for each account in more detail.
(Subdivision of lead / company management, initial display setting)

We have changed it so that appropriate authority can be assigned to various users.
(It can have only the necessary functions for administrators, markets, sales, etc.)

Change: Plan changes can now be made within BowNow

If the number of PVs exceeds the number at the time of contract with BowNow, sales and support have notified you of the change of contract, but in the future it will be possible to change from "Change plan" in the settings. ..

Changed: You can now check the CSV information exported from the lead list in detail.

When exporting CSV from the lead list, the session, total number of sessions, conversion, total number of conversions, PV, and total number of PV are now displayed after the AC column for each lead.

Changed: Changed the display of batch lead registration

The display of batch lead registration has been changed.
(By dividing the process from import to completion screen, it is easier to check how much has been imported.)


In addition, it is now possible to check the display of the location where an error occurred after batch registration on the BowNow management screen.

Changed: You can now change the password reminder email template

You can now change the email template sent to those who have forgotten the password for the membership registration form.

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