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Notice of ver4.4.1 release

BowNow will be upgraded from 2021:1 PM on January 13, 9 (Wednesday) for about 00 to 1 hours.

There is no particular impact on the service due to the release.

Below is the outline of the version upgrade.

About version upgrade contents

new function

You can now check the existence of email addresses for all leads in "Set up email delivery".
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new function

It is now possible to batch-integrate unknown by batch operation of lead search results.
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Regarding the CSV output of various forms, we have made improvements so that items deleted after installation are also output to CSV. (Up to the past 50)
Due to this modification, the item name of the initial value of form input set in the URL parameter has been changed.
* There is no effect on the form name that has already been installed.


We have changed the display standard of the delivery result displayed in the details of the email.
・ "Unreached" includes system error
・ Changed "Unopened" to the number of leads obtained by subtracting the opened from the arrival
・ Changed "Unclicked" to the number of leads obtained by subtracting the link click from the opening.

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