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Notice of ver3.9.0 release

BowNow will be upgraded on August 2019, 8 (Tuesday).
Below is the outline of the version upgrade.

About version upgrade contents


Added an option not to update blank cells in import CSV of bulk lead registration
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Changed the information of "Affiliated company" to be displayed in the last column of CSV in CSV that can be exported from Find lead.


Unknown is now included in the target of the lead "saved search condition" that is initially registered when creating the tracking code.


Added an item to receive a multi-line character string (255 characters) of 1000 characters or more in the linkage form.


Changed the wording "replace" to "overwrite" on the screen to search for leads.

Version upgrade details

Option setting for blank cells when registering all leads

If you update an item for which information has already been registered with a blank cell during batch lead registration in CSV,
There was an item where the registered information was blank.
If you check "Do not update (do not import as blank)" when updating batch registration with this version upgrade
Added an option setting so that the original information will not be blank even if you upload CSV in a blank cell.

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