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Server connection failure

Today, a system failure has occurred from around 12:4 on Wednesday, December 10th.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers.
Thank you for your understanding.

The cause has been confirmed, so please check it.


Due to a failure in the data center we are using
The service is down because the performance of some servers has deteriorated significantly.

Symptoms occurring

Reflection of tracking log (also form submission log)
CSV batch import, synchronization to mail delivery screen, etc.
* Information is not registered on the mail delivery side when lead batch registration is performed.

Applicable time

December 2019, 12 (Wednesday) 4: 10-

Impact range

For all users of BowNow

Correspondence progress

Currently, the data center has been able to identify the cause and is proceeding with recovery, but the prospect of completion is unknown.

----------------------------------- <12/4 12:40 postscript> ------ -----------------------------

Data center temporary recovery has been completed and delayed information is starting to sync
Please make sure that the data registered during the failure time is registered correctly just in case.

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------

We apologize for the inconvenience to all users.
Thank you for your understanding.
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