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Notice of changes in terms and conditions (BowNow license special contract)

Thank you for using BowNow.

We have decided to change the terms and conditions of BowNow from Wednesday, March 2022, 3.

The content of the change is intended to further reduce and clarify the obligations that customers have under the Personal Information Protection Law.

Below are the details.
Thank you for your confirmation.

Outline of contract change

The changes are posted below, so please take a look.

Application date of the new special contract

Wednesday, July 2022, 3

BowNow license agreement comparison table (list of changes)


BowNow license agreement (current)


BowNow license agreement (scheduled to be changed)


In the past, BowNow has made it a contract that customers acquire behavior history information on BowNow and provide it to us for the main purpose of improving services.

In the above case, it falls under the category of "provided to a third party" under the Personal Information Protection Law, so it was designed to impose various business loads on the customer.
(* When receiving personal information from end users, it is necessary to clearly indicate that it is provided to a third party, etc.)

This time, we will acquire only the behavior history information directly from the end user, and by changing the service design and terms and conditions that are not provided by the customer to a third party, we will be able to use it in a state where the burden on the customer is reduced. Become.

Scope of impact due to changes in contracts

There is no particular work on the system that the customer has to do, but if you have stated "Explanation about provision to a third party" when acquiring personal information, please delete it.

In the case of the conventional contract, it was necessary to clearly indicate to the end user that personal information will be provided to the end user when acquiring personal information, but since we have changed the contract to make such a response unnecessary this time, the range posted in the past is limited. If there is, please delete it.

However, as stated in Article 6 of the new agreement, "Present BowNow's privacy policy to end users" must continue to be posted as in the old agreement, so please do not delete it.

About consultation

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact the support desk.

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