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  2. Regarding the use of email addresses that violate RFC (Request For Comments)

Regarding the use of email addresses that violate RFC (Request For Comments)

Rules have been added to comply with the international standard RFC (Request For Comments) when registering lead email addresses.

Regarding rules (specifications) to comply with RFC

[Target function]
・Related to lead registration
 (Register leads, change leads, register leads in bulk, register leads using regular form/member form CV, register leads using linked form CV)
*Includes registration and changes via API.

 (Sender email address of thanks email/administrator email, email address of sender of password reminder on membership registration form, Bcc destination email address of thanks email)

・Related to mail delivery
 (Sender email address, email address at the time of test sending)

・License and account related matters
 (License account email address, child account email address, password reminder on login screen)

If you try to register under the following conditions, an error will occur.

1. "." is used at the beginning and immediately before @
(Example) .test@bownow.jp 
(Example) test.@bownow.jp

2. "." is used consecutively
(Example) test..test@bownow.jp

3. 64 or more characters have been entered before @
(Example) testtesttesttesttest~~~@bownow.jp

4.The entire email address is 256 characters or more

Five.Contains half-width alphanumeric characters and symbols other than "-", "_", ".", "+", "?", and "/"
(Example) test%@bownow.jp

Regarding events that occur with RFC violating addresses

The email address of the already registered lead violates the RFC.
If you send an email to that lead without making corrections, there is a possibility that some of the emails sent will contain system errors.
We recommend that you correct your information or remove yourself from the distribution list before sending the email.

■ Cases of occurrence that have already been confirmed
If you send an email while the distribution list contains an incomplete email address (an email address that violates the specifications stipulated by the international standard RFC (Request for Comments)), the delivery results for some leads will result in a system error.
If a system error occurs, please remove the lead from being sent or correct the address and resend the email.
We also recommend checking the lead's email address before sending.


For leads with incomplete email addresses, please change the information from the lead details screen.
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