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Set multiple sender email address domains

From ver4.1.5, it is possible to set multiple sender email address domains.
The upper limit of setting is 100.
As a point of caution, it is set"SPF / DKIM" setting is required for each domainIt will be.
Also, the information to be set differs depending on the domain, so please do not mistakenly set the information displayed in the domain that has already been activated.

Domain onceIf you apply, we cannot delete it..
* You can delete it at the time of creation, but we cannot respond after you apply.note that.

How to set up multiple domains

Add a new email address domain

"+" Button is displayed in the target domain of "SPF / DKIM settings" on the "Set mail delivery" screen.
When you click the "+" button, the "Sender Email Address Domain New Registration" pop-up will be displayed. Enter it and click the Register button.

New email address domain added

When the added email address domain is added, it will be displayed in the target domain.
"Valid" is displayed for domains for which SPF / DKIM settings have already been completed, and "SPF / DKIM not set" is displayed for domains for which settings have not been completed.

You can delete the domain added up to the step of "Request SPF / DKIM setting information".
To delete it, click the red "trash can" mark on the right side of the setting domain, and in the pop-up [Do you want to delete the "domain name"? ] Is displayed, you can delete it by selecting "Yes".

Please note that you will not be able to delete the domain after clicking "Request SPF / DKIM setting information".

▼ After clicking Request SPF / DKIM setting information, the edit button and trash can button are not displayed.

To start using mail delivery on other domains

As with other domains, SPF / DKIM settings are required.The setting information differs depending on the domain.
Therefore, please work from the request of setting information for each domain.
Please check the following for the SPF / DKIM setting method.


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