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[Initial setting] Set mail delivery

Initial settings are required for mail delivery.
*Settings can be operated even with a non-licensed account by checking "Available functions" > "Email functions" > "Email delivery settings" in the account settings and granting permission.
Only licensed accounts can grant permissions to individual accounts.

If you have not made the initial settings, only "Set mail delivery" is displayed in the mail function.

Set up email delivery

When you click "Set up email delivery", the "Sender email address domain new registration" pop-up will be displayed.

Please enter the domain (after @) of the e-mail address to be set as the sender e-mail address.

After registering the domain, the initial setting screen will be displayed.
* The initial setting screen will be displayed even without registration.

The initial setting item is
-Sender email address
-Transmission error judgment
-Email common settings
-SPF / DKIM settings
It becomes two.

Sender email address

To register or add a new one, click the orange plus button to the right of "Sender Email Address".

When you click it, a pop-up of "New sender email address registration" will be displayed. Please enter the sender's name and email address and register.

* Only the e-mail address information of the domain set earlier can be registered as the e-mail address.

Click the blue "Register" button to create information at the sender's email address.

* It is not possible to register sender email addresses with the same email address but different sender names.If you want to change the sender with the same email address, you can change it when the email is delivered.

Sender email address manipulation

You can change the display order by registering multiple sender email addresses.

Enabled / disabled The "Enable / Disable" setting is not currently used, but if you do not want to delete it because it may be used again in the future, if you set the "Disable" setting, it will not be displayed in the mail delivery settings.
Change sender email address You can edit the created sender email address information.
Delete You can delete the sender's email address.
* If it was used for the email to be sent, it will be changed to the email address set in the display order "1".

Transmission error judgment

"Transmission error judgment" is a function that counts the number of times that delivery could not be performed normally for each reader.
When the number of errors reaches the set value, the next delivery will be stopped automatically.

You can change the maximum number of error stops.Up to 5 times. (The initial value is 3 times.)


  • * Please note that if you deliver with an error ratio of 5% or more, you may not be able to deliver next time. 
     Example: When 1000 mails are delivered and there are 50 or more errors (failures)
  • * If a delivery error occurs, it will be automatically counted up.
    * Delivery to email addresses that have reached the set value will be automatically stopped.In this case, the lead mail transmission status will be "Stopped".

Email common settings

For "Unsubscribe form URL", set the URL of the "Unsubscribe form" page that must be included in the email text.
*Please set the script of the BowNow unsubscribe form on the website where the tracking code is set for the "unsubscribe form".Please set the URL of the website you have set as the unsubscribe form URL.

How to create an unsubscribe form and install it on your website

You can change the URL later.

If you set the "unsubscribe link redirect destination URL" with the insertion code at the time of mail delivery, the URL that allows you to unsubscribe with one click will be inserted.
If there is no URL entered in "Email common settings", it will transition to "https://contents.bownow.jp/mails/stop".
▼ Display sample

Instead of the above, if you want to create an unsubscribe completion page for each company, please enter the URL of the unsubscribe completion page in "Unsubscribe link redirect destination URL".

*Currently, BowNow only has a delivery rule of “I want” or “I do not want” email delivery to leads, and it is not possible to stop email delivery from this department.
If you want to do it for each department, please manually set / change the settings such as tags to request or stop the distribution for each department.

SPF / DKIM settings

In the mail environment after the renewal, the setting of "SPF / DKIM" is now a required item.
* You can compose an email even if the SPF / DKIM settings have not been completed.

The domain displayed here will be the domain you set when you transitioned to the screen for setting mail delivery.
Please note that you can change the domain, but you cannot change it after setting SPF / DKIM.

SPF / DKIM settings can be set later.
Click the red "Complete initial settings" button to move to the mail management screen.If you just want to compose an email, click Finish Initialization.
If you want to continue setting SPF / DKIM, click the green "Continue to set SPF / DKIM" button.

For details on the setting method Click here for more information.
SPF / DKIM settings

When completed

The screen display will be as shown below.

After completion, mail delivery will be possible.


  • In the mail delivery function of the new mail, both the main delivery and the test transmissionIf you haven't sent it for a year, for security reasonsThe mail delivery function will be locked and delivery will not be possible..

  • If there is a system error after distributing after a long period of time, the lock will be unlocked by support, so please contact us.

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