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Free plan, entry plan email

You can now send emails with BowNow's free plan and entry plan.

For customers who are currently using the free plan / entry plan and do not have the mail function, automatic switching is not possible, so please consult with your sales representative or the utilization support team, or contact us using the form below.
Contact us from here

Please be sure to check

  • (1) Only one domain can be delivered.
    * It is not possible to set in a free domain.(Gmail.com etc.)
  • ②If the number of characters in the sender name and sender's e-mail address is long (sender name: 25 double-byte characters or more, e-mail address: 60 characters or more), e-mail delivery is possible, but acquisition of the transmission result fails.A system error will be displayed.
    * Please note that even if the sender name has spaces or is entered in English only (no symbols), it may be converted and the number of characters may increase.
  • ③ On the "Set up mail delivery" screen for initial settingsLicense account onlyCan be handled.
    For other accounts, the mail function will not be displayed on the management screen until the initial settings are completed.
  • ④ Light plan or higher can be usedMail functionCompared to, the functions are limited.
    • Delivery is only broadcast.
    • There are restrictions on the email templates provided.
    • Only one sender per delivery.
    • Delivery is immediate delivery only. (You cannot specify the date and time.)
    • It is not possible to obtain the opening action.
  • ⑤ When you receive an email, it will be displayed as "via cloud-circus.email".
    * It may not be displayed depending on the mail environment of the receiving side.
    ▼ Received image
  • Over 24 emails delivered in the last 100 hoursAndBounce rate exceeds 5%,
     or sending us a message onIf bounce rate acquisition failsWe will stop the delivery.
    Click here for more information on bounce rates
  • There is an upper limit to the number of deliveries.
    Click here for details on the maximum number of deliveries

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