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Compose an email

You can now select the type of email you want to compose.


  • * If you are using a new email, you will not be able to deliver the email until the SPF / DKIM settings are completed.
    Please check the initial settings below.
  • * For test delivery, text mail and HTML mail will be delivered.
  • * The content of text mail is limited to 30 characters (including line breaks).
  • * Link clicks cannot be measured when text mail is delivered.If you want to do it, please check the following.
    How to compose a text email
  • * If you continue working without saving for 10 minutes, the message "Confirm whether to save the draft" will be displayed.
With BowNow licenses issued after ver6.4.2, at the time of initial setting (after creating a tracking code) for all licenses, not limited to free and paid plansSample Mail Distribution List "Test Distribution List"is automatically generated, and even those who are using BowNow for the first time can easily demonstrate mail delivery.

The sample mail distribution list "test distribution list" isAs soon as the mail delivery setting is completedIt will be displayed, and you can first create and test the delivery of emails on the sample email distribution list.
*The aboveLicense to use the mail function with the free entry plan, with the Light Standard PlanNew email licenseOnly applicable.


Create and save an email delivery list from the lead search page, and deliver emails to the delivery list at the same timing and content.

Trigger delivery

Emails will be sent individually at the timing that matches the set conditions.
Starting from form submission or mail distribution list created with BowNow, you can send up to 10 steps of mail to each person.
The interval between each step can be changed.

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