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Manage forms

In form management, you can create a new form, edit an already created form, and get a site reflection code to insert into a website.

In the initial display, the display order of the screen that manages the form is the latest in the update date, but you can change the order by clicking the item name part.
It is not possible to change the form type (normal form or membership registration form) after creating it.

1: New registration You can register a new form.
2: Form ID When you click the form ID, the site reflection code will be displayed in a pop-up.
Please copy and paste everything on your website.
3: Form name Click the form name to move to the form details page.
Once deleted form cannot be restoredPlease be careful.
4 kinds The type of form created by either "Regular form" or "Membership registration form" is displayed.
5: Number of CVs The number of inquiries on that form is displayed.
6: Usage status If you turn it off, the form installed on the website will be hidden.
* The login screen created on the membership registration form will continue to be displayed and you can log in.
7: Form duplication It is possible to duplicate the created form and create it.
8: Form change You can edit the created form by moving to the "Change form" screen.
9: Updater The name of the last person who edited the form is displayed.
10: Update date The date when the form was edited was displayed.

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