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URL parameter

You can enter the initial value from the URL parameter when transitioning to the form screen.

* Parameter creation method is not supported.
When using it, please use the following manual.

Parameter creation method

When giving parameters, the initial parameter value is "?”,
after the parameter=, enter the wording set in the form or any wording you want to insert.
The second and subsequent parameters are "&” will be given.

Please see below.

▼ Sample URL
[Example] When reflecting the product selection "New product B" and the inquiry details "About new product B"

* If any part is in Japanese, it needs to be encoded.

Query list

Full name (last name and full name when entering one line) _bq_family_name
Name (first name) _bq_given_name
Name (phonetic) (name when entering Say and one line) _bq_family_kana
Name (phonetic) (May) _bq_given_kana
E-mail address _bq_email
Company / organization name _bq_company_name
Department _bq_section_name
Position _bq_position_name
Phone _bq_phone_number
FAX _bq_fax_number
Mobile phone _bq_mobile_phone_number
Address (all) (3 digits zip code) _bq_j_zip_code_1
Address (all) (4 digits zip code) _bq_j_zip_code_2
Address (all) (prefecture) _bq_j_pref_name
Address (all) (city) _bq_j_city_name
Address (all) (address 1) _bq_j_address_1
Address (all) (address 2) _bq_j_address_2
Address (all) (Address1) _bq_a_address_1
Address (all) (Address2) _bq_a_address_2
Address (all) (City) _bq_a_city_name
Address (All) (State) _bq_a_pref_name
Address (all) (Zip Code) _bq_a_zip_code
Address (All) (Country) _bq_a_country_name
Website _bq_web_site
Old mail delivery group
* From ver4.0.0, the name has been changed from the mail delivery group to the old mail delivery group.
_bq_tracking_mail_groups = []
status _bq_tracking_state = []
グループ _bq_tracking_group = []
Tag _bq_tracking_tags-{yyyymmddhhmmsssss} = []
Lead acquisition source _bq_tracking_lead_froms = []
Text input (single line) _bq_text_field-{yyyymmddhhmmsssss}
Text input (multiple lines) _bq_text_area-{yyyymmddhhmmsssss}
Pull-down selection (single selection) _bq_select-{yyyymmddhhmmsssss}
List selection (multiple selection) _bq_select_multiple- {yyyymmddhhmmsssss}
Radio button selection (single selection) _bq_radio_button- {yyyyyymddhhhMssss}
Check box selection (multiple selection) _bq_check_box- {yyyyymddhhmssss}

Partially changed from ver4.3.1 release.
It does not affect forms that have already been installed.

[Example] Text input (multiple lines)
Change before: _bq_text_area-{number}
After change: _bq_text_area-{yyyymmddhhmmsssss}

When using the same question item multiple times in the form

If you are inserting multiple identical items into the form, you need to specify which item is in the parameter.
Please refer to the code in the form's advanced settings template and include that value as a query.

▼ Sample URL
[Example] When reflecting the product selection "New product B" and the product selection "Product 3" of the same item (e.g. check box)

*If the code of the item added to the form is not displayed in the template, click "Reflect setting item".

When making multiple selections within one question item

By default, if you want multiple selections within one question, after the BowNow parameter, after "="
It is necessary to connect the wording set in the form and any wording you want to insert with a comma.

▼ Sample URL
[Example] When reflecting product selection "New product A", "New product B", and "New product C"

* If any part is in Japanese, it needs to be encoded.

When using tag items

[ ](*Query listreference), it is necessary to write the attribute data on the DB side to the parameter.
The content to be entered will be the wording after "|".

▼ Sample URL
[Example] When reflecting the status "Latent"
→ "Potential" is when product A is selected, so "product A" is selected in the above sample form.

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