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create a report

On the report creation screen, you can output various information saved in BowNow in CSV format.

Roughly divided, there are two patterns of reports: "Information registered for leads" and "Information accumulated in BowNow".
It can be created for the lead of "saved search criteria".

Since the report outputs information for each lead, search conditions are used to specify which lead you want to output the report for.
If you want to narrow down and issue a report with specified conditions,The search conditions must be saved in advance.

Procedures for issuing reports

It can be created on the Data Analysis > Create Report screen.

*Please note that if the "Export/Import Personal Information" permission is disabled for an account, the Create Report item will not be displayed.

Report selection

Select the type of report you want to create and click Next.

Select search criteria

Click Select search criteria to use.

You will be taken to the "Confirm Saved Search Conditions for Leads" screen.
Select your search criteria.

When selected, the item and the number of target leads for the output schedule are displayed.

If there is no problem with the settings, click "Next".
If you want to change the lead you want to output, you can click "Change to another search condition" and select it again.


If you do not save search conditions to BowNow, it is registered in BowNow by default
You can select from the search conditions of "Contact page viewers", "Company identified visitors", and "All visitors".

* If you have been using it since ver6.0.5 release or earlier, "sales (less than 1 million)", "sales (more than 1 million to less than 100 billion)" and "sales (more than 100 billion)" items will be displayed.

Specify creation period

Select the period to output.
*If you select "Summary" as the report type, there is no item to specify the creation period.

When you click "This year", "Previous year", "This month", and "Last month", the period will be automatically reflected in the red frame.
The red frame is a calendar, so you can specify the period arbitrarily.

*If you click "This year", "Previous year", "This month", or "Last month" and specify any period, the clicked period will be displayed in red as it is.

Report creation confirmation

If there is no problem with the type of report you want to output, the selected search conditions, and the specified date and time (target period), click "Create report".
The creation confirmation screen is different for summary and other reports.
* If you select ToDo, you will also be asked to confirm the date and time (expiration date).

▼When summary is selected

▼When you select a type other than Summary

Creation process start

Click "Create report" to move to the creation screen.

If there is a report being created, another report cannot be created at the same time.
If you want to create multiple reports, please wait for the completion.

How to download the created report

You can output CSV by clicking the number of rows in CSV that is displayed in blue.

Select the character code to output and click "Download".

It will be saved with the file name "Report type_Report download date/time.csv".

Precautions when creating reports

① What is output in the report isOnly master lead information.
For leads and unknowns under name identification, information is not included even if they are counted as target leads for report output.No output.

(XNUMX) Selectable report types and saved search conditions are1 item per reportforMultiple conditions cannot be combined.
In addition, some items may not be selectable depending on the contract plan and availability of usage rights.

(XNUMX) After completing the report creation, from the screen of "Currently creating a report"It does not automatically switch to the completion screen.
Please refresh the page or reopen the report creation screen to check the created report.

④The report in process of creation isIt cannot be canceled or deleted in the middle.

⑤ If the lead that meets the conditions is not extracted, it will remain in the report creation history.CSV download is not possible.

⑥ As a result of specifying the search conditions and period, the number of rows in the report (CSV)Reports will not be created if there are more than 10 rows.
If it exceeds 10 lines, you can check it in the message column of the report output result screen described later.

Depending on the number of output CSV lines, report creation will be completed in approximately 30 to 60 minutes.
*It may take 60 minutes or more if report creation processing is concentrated in multiple customer environments.

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