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Free plan inquiry form

This form is exclusively for BowNow free plan users.
For those who use the paid plan【From here】Please contact us.

The number of inquiries about installing the mail function is increasing from companies using the old free plan.
The points to note when setting the mail function are as follows.
・ Currently in useNumber of leads reduced from 1000 leads to 100 leadsTo do.
・ Please check the precautions for mail delivery.
About precautions when delivering
Click here for terms of use
・ The manual for the mail delivery function is as follows.
Trial email
* There is no manned support for the free plan, so please contact your sales representative.
* If you do not know the sales person in charge, please contact us using the form below.We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Is a required item.
Company name [Required]
Person in charge [Required]
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Contact phone number [Required]
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