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About precautions when delivering

It is a precaution when delivering mail.
Please be sure to check.

Please be sure to check

  • ① Even if it is a test transmissionDo not make it simple.
    • Make this delivery the same (preferably 100 characters or more) 
    • Do not leave the subject or body blank
  • ② Must be in Japanese style
    • Do not use sentences that are machine translated from other languages ​​into Japanese
    • There is no wasted space that is not used in Japanese sentences
    • Do not use periods for punctuation (use "," ".")
  • ③ Do not use words, expressions, or images that are generally considered unfavorable.
    • Do not use words or phrases prohibited by the terms of use
    • Do not repeat words or expressions that are mistaken for junk mail
      Example: Profitable, ◯◯ campaign, only now.It's okay to some extent, but patterns that are described many times often become junk mail.
    • Do not overuse coloring and font resizing in HTML emails
  • ④ Do not use non-existent URLs or irrelevant URLs
  • ⑤ Describe the target when the junk mail folder is entered at the beginning or end of the mail.
    • Report "not junk mail"
    • Have them registered in the address book
      * The same applies if you deliver it to your company or yourself and it is in the junk mail folder.
  • [Other than the text]
    • Do not send the same content to the same email address multiple times
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