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1 month 31 day update

Regarding the DMARC setting deadline that we have informed you about.
Considering the status of your settings, we have set a deadline for settings.
We would like to inform you that this event has been postponed.

<DMARC setting deadline>
[Before change] February 2st midnight
[After change] Currently being adjusted

We will notify you once the deadline has been determined.

Even if DMARC configuration is not completed
[2 month 1 day]You will receive emails from BowNow until the new deadline.I'll get it.

If DMARC settings have been completed,
We have requested test distribution after [February 2st].
Please perform test distribution after the newly set deadline..
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Google has announced "Email sender guidelines" that strengthen anti-spam measures.

Applicable to Gmail from February 2024, emails from companies that do not meet the guidelines requirements will be
There is a possibility that the email will not be delivered to your Gmail account.

Email sender guidelines

Google Email Sender Guidelines FAQ

Therefore, for customers who are using the new email service at BowNow,
DMARC settings are required, and requests from unregistered domains are required.
We have decided to stop sending emails.
*The form's automatic email sending will not be stopped.

DMARC setting deadline: February 2st at midnight

*After setting up DNS, it takes time to penetrate the settings, but
There is a possibility that you will not be able to send emails.
To prevent this3 days agoWe recommend that you respond to the following.

Thank you for your understanding and please follow the steps below.

Already have DMARC configured?

For customers who have already set up DMARC
There is no need for you to respond.

Is DMARC configured correctly in your web browser?
There are tools available to check
We recommend that you check the information below.


*This is not a tool operated by our company, so it is not supported.


I haven't set up DMARC yet

For customers who have not configured DMARC,
Please respond according to the instructions below.

Also, for customers who are unsure whether they have set up DMARC,
Please check here.


DMARC setup flow

① Please set the following content in the DNS information of the domain to send emails.

Host record (NAME):_dmarc.●●●●●●
Value (EXPECTED VALUE):_dmarc.ibesecurity.com

*“●●●●●●” is the domain to send.
Example: _dmarc.cloudcircus.co.jp

*The setting method is basically the same as the previous SPF record setting.
When making settings, ask the domain management company you are using or the person in charge in the company such as the information system department.
・Information that you would like to configure DMARC settings
・ Issued DNS information
Please tell us and make the settings.
Please note that support does not provide guidance on how to write or configure "SPF record settings."

*For domains that have been activated since January 1th, the values ​​are also reflected in the "Set up email delivery" section of the management screen.
This isI would like you to set it to [SPF/DKIM enabled].This will reflect the DMARC value, so
DMARC is not set to "enabled".
Please check the confirmation site to see if the settings have been made.

If you have any questions regarding the settings, please contact us.The event will be held from January 1th to January 17th.
Please join us for the seminar.

Seminar outline:https://bow-now.jp/media/seminar_information/dmarc2024011789/

② Once the settings are complete, we recommend checking the following services.

Service URL:https://powerdmarc.com/ja/dmarc-record-checker/

*If there is no problem with the settings, it will be displayed as shown in the image above.
*After setting, there is no need to contact us to confirm completion.
Even if the DNS settings are properly configured, it may take some time for the information to penetrate and an error may occur.
 In that case, please check again later.

③Please conduct a test distribution once on February 2st.
 Please check whether the email is received correctly.

*If you do not receive the email, please contact support.

Information about the briefing session

We have prepared videos and materials from the briefing session held the other day, as well as a FAQ collection.
If you have any questions regarding DMARC, please contact us.

[Briefing materials]

[FAQ Collection]

Regarding inquiries

Study session information