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[Lead] What is the reading rate?

Lead details> Action history> Site access in the timeline The "reading rate" can be confirmed by actions, etc., but the site visitor accesses the page where the tracking code is inserted, and the entire page is set to 100%. ..

[Lead] Change the company you belong to

The company name that matches the user's IP address or phone number with the information on BowNow's database is displayed to the company to which you belong.However, if the information is different from the "company / organization name" and you want to make a change, other companies searched by searching for a company ...

[Lead] How to delete

Lead deletion Matching with mail delivery error list Lead deletion You can delete leads on the "Find leads" screen. Search for the lead you want to delete on the "Search for leads" screen "Search conditions" on the left side of the screen ...

[Lead] Upper limit of creation for each lead detail item

There is a character limit and a number limit for each item in the lead details, and you may not be able to register even if you try to register more than the upper limit of the number of characters at the time of individual registration or batch registration.Please check the creation upper limit from the following. * Flick left and right ...

User action

If you install the tracking code obtained from the BowNow management screen on the website, you can get the user action of the user who accessed the website.The action for each user is lead details> action shoes ...


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