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Take advantage of search!

Let's extract the list by specifying the search conditions

What are the search conditions?

In BowNow, "Find leads""Find a companyYou can search for leads by specifying the conditions on the screen.
By performing a search by specifying conditions, you can extract customers with high prospects and measure the effects of the measures you are taking.
Furthermore, by saving this search condition, it is possible to immediately extract the read condition that you always want to check.

Advantages of searching by specifying conditions

By searching by specifying conditions, there is an advantage that various analyzes can be performed and measures can be taken accordingly.

Example of merit of searching by specifying conditions

Leads with a high probability of consideration can be extracted

Achieve the results of customer attraction measures such as "exhibitions", "material downloads" and "seminars"

An efficient sales approach can be achieved by narrowing down the conditions of the target company.

Know if your target is browsing the content you want to see

Example of search conditions that can be specified

Companies / individuals can be extracted from the behavior history

You can search by specifying the action taken by the user, the content viewed, and so on.
By specifying an action, you can search for companies that are taking actions with a high probability.
OtherExamine the inflow from "google ads"It is also possible to search for leads and companies that have flowed in from advertisements.

You can search by specifying from company conditions

It is possible to narrow down the search for company information obtained from the IP address.
You can approach efficiently by extracting companies and leads by narrowing down only the conditions of companies that can be your target.

Designation of company information

Lead management information can be specified and extracted

With management information, you can manage the group conditions of leads managed by your company, the medium of contact with leads, unique information, your sales representative, and so on.You can extract a more detailed target list by searching by specifying the lead conditions that are segmented by your company.

Other search conditions

Save your search criteria

 Benefits of saving search criteria

Furthermore, it is possible to save the conditions searched above.
Saving the search conditions has the following advantages.

A list of search conditions you always want to see can be extracted with a single click

If the period is set to a fluid condition such as "within one month", the necessary list extraction can be automated.

Saved searches can be reflected in the dashboard lead status distribution

How about saving the results of measures you always want to know and the tele-appointment priority list?

Also, if you want to know under what conditions you should search, please see the following page

Extract hot prospects

 How to set search condition save

After performing a search once with the search condition you want to save, click "Save search condition" at the bottom of the search condition, and save the search condition with a name.

If you register with the search conditions of the same name, it will be overwritten.

The maximum number of search condition storage conditions is 50. Please note that even if you try to create 50 or more items, a pop-up saying "Cannot save" will be displayed.

Let's visualize the saved search conditions

After saving the search conditions,Let's reflect the storage conditions in the read status distribution.
BowNow You can set up a table called Read Status Distribution on the "Dashboard" or "Lead Management"> "Find Leads" screen.

 What is a read status distribution?

In the lead status distribution, you can visualize the number of people in each segment by displaying "Saved search conditions" on the vertical axis and "Status" on the horizontal axis.
By extracting the "target segment you want to measure" in the search conditions (vertical axis) and grasping the examination status in the status (horizontal axis),The leads that take the approach can always be visualized, and the priority of the approach and the approach method are executed separately.す る こ と が で き ま す.

 Change the status

If you set the read status distribution, you can display the status (probability) for each target segment.
Status categorizes the current status of the lead.
Please use the status set at the beginning or newAdded or changed the status name toIt is also possible to have it done.

Status change

There are the above four methods.

ABM template function that makes read status distribution even more convenient

One of the status change methods introduced above is "automatic change with the ABM template function".
This ABM template function is a function that automatically grasps the status and notifies you without making any settings.
By using this function, it is possible to follow the behavior status of the target in real time.

Take an approach according to the target segment

After setting the vertical axis (search condition) and horizontal axis (status) of the lead status distribution, decide the approach priority and method for each segment and perform lead follow.
By taking actions according to the lead status distribution, you can take the optimal approach to the customer and improve the efficiency of sales.

Study sessions are recommended to make better use of BowNow

I understand how to save and search, but I want to know how to use what conditions should be set, I want to know more about other functions, I want you to actually teach me how to set, etc. Use BowNow more and more We hold study sessions only for customers who are using BowNow.
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