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For those who want to use it for the time being

The image of MA tools is that it takes time to set up and is difficult to operate, but BowNow makes the settings simple and simple in order to solve such problems.
This page describes the fastest way to achieve results in MA, which only BowNow can do.
If you have registered, but "I don't know what to do", "I want to use it first", or "I want to get the effect in the shortest time", please take a look here.

Quickwin concept for cost effectiveness in MA

Quick win necessary for MA utilization

Quick wins are ideas and measures that seek to achieve short-term results while keeping an eye on long-term visions and goals.

Most of the measures taken with MA tools are medium- to long-term measures, and in many cases it is not possible to achieve short-term results.It will take a lot of time to recover the investment cost, so let's apply the idea of ​​Quick Win to MA and achieve results!

Quickwin has the following advantages.

Benefits of Quick Win

Can achieve short-term results

Can report good progress to management

It will be easier to procure people / goods / money for marketing measures

Let's establish an appointment acquisition measure by referring to the following success stories!

Quick Win Success Cases-Measures to Improve Appointment Rate in 10 Minutes-

Next, I would like to introduce the following examples as a way for a push-type sales company to use BowNow to sharply improve the appointment rate.

LIG Co., Ltd.

If you change the sales list to the list extracted by BowNow, the appointment acquisition rate will increase from 6.3% to 11.9%!

Click here for details of LIG case

As in this case, you can get results immediately by using BowNow.

Minimum settings required to utilize BowNow

Two minimum settings are required to achieve a quick win in BowNow.
Please make the following settings and actually implement the measures.

Initial settings to start operation

Extract promising companies

Initial settings to start operation

About initial installation

In order to know the companies that accessed HP with BowNow, it is first necessary to install a tracking code.
The setting itself can be done in 5 minutes, and the measurement of the company can be started, so let's install it first by following the steps below!

If you do the above two things, you can start operation and identify the company that accessed HP.

Extract promising companies

Specifying conditions for approach list

After installing the tracking code, BowNow will be able to detect companies that have accessed HP.
By approaching companies with particularly high prospects, you can quickly achieve results such as getting appointments.
BowNow makes it possible to "easily search for high-potential companies" based on the idea of ​​Quick Win.
Below, we will introduce the search axes that BowNow users have achieved.
Please try it once as your company's search condition!

① The most recent access is 2 times or more
② PV 4 times or more
③ You are browsing a specific page (charge page, etc.)
④ There are two or more people accessing from one company
⑤ Industry and employee scale

Click here for detailed extraction method of companies

Setting completed!Then just approach

This completes the minimum BowNow setup, and all you have to do is approach your prospective customers.
First of all, let's approach the company that is interested in your company and get an appointment! 

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