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Error stop

"Error stop" is a function that counts the number of times that delivery could not be performed normally for each reader.
When the number of errors reaches the set value, the next delivery will be stopped automatically.

You can change the maximum number of error stops.Up to 3 times. (The initial value is 1 times.)
After changing the number of times, click "Confirm" and a confirmation screen will be displayed. If you are satisfied, click "Register" to complete.

* Please note that if you deliver with an error ratio of 10% or more, you may not be able to deliver next time. 
Example: When 1000 mails are delivered and there are 100 or more errors (failures)

* For a list of causes of delivery errors Please check

* If a delivery error occurs, it will be automatically counted up.
* Delivery to email addresses that have reached the set value will be automatically stopped.In this case, the read status will be "Error stopped".

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