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Source address

The "sender address" is the email address displayed in the "sender" part, and is the source of the outgoing email.
You can freely set the email address displayed in the "From" part of the email.
* "Display name" is the name displayed in the mail software of the delivery destination lead.

Create a new source address

Open the sender address page and click the "New registration" button.
When you click the "New registration" button, a pop-up will be displayed. Enter the "Display name" and "Sender address" and click the Register button.

For example,
Display name: Startia Lab Co., Ltd. Seminar Secretariat
Source address: cms_s@startialab.co.jp
Will be displayed when registering.

Edit / delete source address

In "Source address", you can change or delete the order of created source addresses.

Sorting method

In the "Source Address" screen, move the source addresses you want to change the order in a grid.After changing the order, click the "Sort" button and then click the "Register" button to change the order.
Please note that the order change will not be completed unless you perform "Sort"-> "Register".

How to delete

Check the check box on the left side of the source address you want to delete, and click the delete button.The confirmation screen will be displayed again. Click the "Delete" button to delete the sender address.

* Since there is no backup function, it cannot be restored if it is deleted.

* If the sender address is used in any of "Draft", "Distribution reservation", and "Distribution history", it cannot be deleted.Therefore, please delete the sender address after deleting in "Draft", "Distribution reservation", and "Distribution history".

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