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Confirmation of reservation status

"Confirmation of reservation status" is a list of emails for which the delivery time has been reserved by "Create new".
When the set time is reached, mail delivery will start automatically.

* Up to 300 "delivery reservations" can be saved.
* When distribution starts, the data will be moved to "Distribution history".
* The display order of the "Confirm reservation status" screen will be the newest order of the day when the delivery reservation work was performed.

When the delivery date and time arrives, mail delivery will start.

How to edit a reservation waiting email

If you want to edit the email you reserved for delivery again, click the subject.If you click it, the page will switch to the page where the pop-up "The delivery reservation has been canceled" is displayed, so click the black screen again.
After clicking, you can edit it in the same way as creating a new one, so make corrections and make a delivery reservation and immediate delivery setting again to make an email delivery reservation.

If you cancel the delivery reservation once and do not set the delivery settings, the status on the "Confirm reservation status" screen will change to "Editing".
Please note that if it is "Editing", it will not be delivered.

How to delete a reservation waiting email

Check the checkbox on the left side of the email you want to delete and click the delete button.
The confirmation screen will be displayed again. Click the "Delete" button to delete the draft.

* Since there is no backup function, it cannot be restored if it is deleted.

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