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Text mail

How to make

How to deliver text mail
Click "Text Mail" in the left side menu to create.
The setting location is
-Sender (source address)
-Destination (group)
Is a required input item.

Set the delivery date and time and click the "Confirm" button to display the confirmation screen.
If you can confirm the contents on the confirmation screen, click the "Register" button to deliver.

* If you click the click measurement, you will not be able to get the user action "Inflow from email" in BowNow, so please do not set it.

Creation example

1: Sender It will be the sender's email address when the email is delivered.
The settings are set in System Settings> Source Address.
2: Destination Set the delivery destination group.
Settings are set in Data Management> Group Settings.
3: Subject Set the subject of the email.
Please use the subject within 50 characters.
You can use the plug-in code.
4: Text Set the body of the email.
Please use the text within 30,000 characters.
* There are prohibited characters that cannot be delivered by email.
please confirm.
5: File attachment You can attach a file to an email.
Please use the attached file within 50KB.
The format can be sent from xls, xlsx, doc, docx, pdf (up to one).
6: Delivery date and time The delivery date and time can be selected from "immediate delivery", "delivery reservation", and "draft".
"Delivery reservation" can be reserved every 2 minutes up to 5 years in advance.
If you select "Immediate delivery" or "Reservation for delivery", the data will be transferred to "Confirmation of reservation status".
Select "Draft" to move to "Draft".
7: Back number A back number page is prepared for each delivery destination group, so if you select "Publish", a list of delivered emails will be displayed.
The design on the back number page cannot be modified.
I cannot view back numbers from my mobile phone.
You can check the back number from the delivery history.
8: Test transmission You can check the email to be delivered before delivering to the group.
Please be sure to do it when delivering the mail.

Plug-in code

The insertion code is a function that can automatically insert the information currently registered in BowNow into the subject and body.

Plug-in code to be inserted

__c0__ Name
__c1__ Name furigana
__c2__ Company Name
__c4__ Affiliation department
__c5__ Position
__c6__ Identification ID
__c7__ E-mail newsletter distribution group
__c9__ Prefectures
__c10__ Municipalities / wards / counties
__c11__ The following address
__c15__ E-mail
__c19__ Would you like a notification email from the site?

"Inflow from email" action measurement method

If you write the tracking code in the URL of the website that sets the BowNow tracking code in the text of the email and deliver it, the user actions of "view the site status" and "find the lead" will flow from the email. If you set "" and perform a search, you can grasp the leads that have flowed into the website from the email.
* It is not possible to confirm from which email the email came from.

In order to measure who came in from the email, "? bownowmail = __ c6__Please insert.
▼ Example
http://manual.bow-now.jp/? bownowmail = __ c6__

* 1. It is assumed that the BowNow tracking code is included on the website linked to the URL where you can get the inflow action from the email.

* 2, If you cannot get the action even if you set the tracking code
URL link that cannot get inflow action from email
Please check the above contents.

* 3, __c6__ is a plug-in code for the mail delivery function, and the "identification ID" is automatically inserted.Therefore, please note that you will not be able to get the action if you insert "__c6__" when you use normal mail delivery or other mail tools.

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