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Name identification status

Is it the same person?Will be displayed as "Name identification" when BowNow determines.

1: Name identification setting If the name identification candidate is up and not integrated with the name identification setting, a number will be displayed next to the name identification setting.
2: Integration It will be displayed on the leads that are listed as candidates for name identification.
If the lead displayed in the name identification candidate and the lead are the same person, click Merge.
After the integration, the trace report and conversion report information will be integrated.
* Delivery status and lead detailed information will not be integrated.
3: Delete Delete the lead that is listed as a name identification candidate.
4: Release It will be displayed after merging the leads that are candidates for name identification.
After integration, click if you want to cancel the name identification.
5: Added name identification candidates If you are a user who is not listed as a name identification candidate and you find that you are the same person, register the identification ID or e-mail address from the "+" button and the information will be added to the name identification candidate.
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