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Delivery status

You can check the delivery status and mail delivery list information.

The mail delivery list is displayed when using the new mail function.
* This report information will be the part that will be traced when delivered in the new mail environment.Therefore, please note that information will not be added to the email report if you are using the existing email environment.

1: Email transmission status Normal or stopped is displayed.
The mail sending status is normal at the time of lead registration, but it will be changed during the stop when the maximum number of error occurrences to stop sending in "Set mail delivery" is reached.
2: Email delivery Displays the status of desired or undesired mail delivery.
3: Old mail delivery group The old mail delivery group name set for the lead is displayed.
* If the old mail delivery group is not set, it will be blank.
* From ver4.0.0, the name has been changed from the mail delivery group to the old mail delivery group.
4: Membership registered form Shows which membership registration form you are registered with.
* If there is no registration on the membership registration form, it will be blank.
5: Delivered email The mail delivery name (display name in the BowNow management screen) and the subject of the mail at the time of delivery are displayed.
Click the subject to move to the details page of the delivered email.
6: CL (click) The number of times you clicked on the URL of the page where the tracking code was inserted in the delivered email.
7: PV (page view) The number of pages viewed after the inflow from the email.
8: CV (conversion) The number of forms submitted after the inflow from the email.

* The display order will change depending on the time when the recipient of the delivered email updated (opened or inflow of email).
* The distribution list is displayed only for batch transmission.

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