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Configure webhooks

You can synchronize information (add, change, delete leads) between BowNow and other systems through API.

In addition, it notifies that the lead information has been updated to the linked system URL registered in Webhook.
After the timing when the webhook is enabled, notifications will start to be sent to the linked system.

A tracking code ID and an API key are required to use the API.
You can check the tracking code ID and API key from the tracking code change screen.

Tips and notes

[About technology]
In order to use API and Webhook,Because it requires specialized knowledge, requires a high level of technical skill.
Due to the above, we are very sorry for the use of webhooks.Please note that it is not supported.

[About notifications]
sid information (lead detail ID
) is described, but when updating in bulk (automatic update of ABM template status, etc.),Only changed items are listed.Also, the details of the changed items (such as added tag names) are not notified.

A request count refers to a single operation that attempts to retrieve information through the API.
Up to 10 webhooks can be registered.

For details on how to use other APIs, setting procedures, and notes, please refer to the following.

*Settings > Webhook Settings You can also view from the upper right "Click here for Webhooks".

* You can also view it from Settings > System settings > Tracking code change > Code information > API key.
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