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Changes from ver5.0.0

Change search conditions

Search condition frames for "targeting information (corporate activities)" and "targeting information (products / services)" will be added.
This information isNet Business Support Co., Ltd.You will see the marketing tag information that was created by you.

Change of classification in the designation of company information

The search items for "Listing category", "Capital", "Sales", "Number of employees", and "Industry classification" have been changed.
Search conditions registered before ver.5.0.0 will be automatically transferred to the new conditions.
Check the list below for details.

▼ Listing classification
▼ Capital
▼ Sales
▼ Number of employees

Abolished the company name identification function

Until now, when one company accessed multiple IP addresses, company information was created for each, but from this version, it is now aggregated into one company information.


  • * The number of registered companies may decrease.
    The cause is that multiple IP addresses are integrated into one.
  • In addition, if the company cannot be determined from the IP address when the company information is reacquired from the database in this version upgrade, the company information is deleted.

You can now edit the company information obtained from the IP address

The edited item will not be able to keep up with the update of the corporate database.
However, by turning off the overwritten information, you will be able to refer to the corporate database again.

▼ How to change detailed company information

Targeting information has been added to CSV output information

The targeting information linked to the company information is output after column V.

▼ CSV output from company information

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