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About trigger subscribers

You can check the list of leads that meet the trigger delivery conditions and for which trigger delivery emails are in operation or have been delivered.
(Leads deleted in the middle of distribution will not be displayed.)

How to check the trigger delivery registrant screen

From the email management screen, click "Confirm subscribers" for the relevant trigger delivery.

Leads that are in the middle of Steps of trigger delivery emails (in operation) and leads that have completed delivery of all Steps are displayed.

▼ Trigger distribution registrant list screen

What you can do on the trigger subscriber screen

You can check the list of subscribers for trigger delivery

Leads that are in the middle of Steps of trigger delivery emails (in operation) and leads that have completed delivery of all Steps are displayed.
If you change the distribution list, both the leads before and after updating the distribution list will be displayed.

You can unsubscribe for each subscriber (lead)

If you stop delivery, the log of delivery and the numerical value of the mail details will not be subtracted.


  • *Once you stop the distribution of a distribution registrant, you cannot cancel the deletion operation from this screen.

Subscriber unsubscribe method

On the screen for editing trigger delivery emails, you can unsubscribe the leads you want to unsubscribe from by clicking the trash can button.

Click the trash can button on the far right and a pop-up will appear.

After confirming the precautions in the pop-up, check "Confirm and delete," and click "Yes" to delete.

Once the deletion is complete, it will no longer appear in the subscriber list on the screen for editing trigger delivery emails.

Things to keep in mind when unsubscribing leads

Just unsubscribing (deleting in the trash) from the list of subscribers is not enough.The nextextraction timingIf it matches the search condition of the distribution list that is the trigger condition, it will be redelivered from Step 1 as a distribution target.

Therefore, if you do not want to send it, remove it from the search conditions of the distribution list (add a tag for distribution exclusion, etc.),Exclude from email distribution listshould be

For example, when using a mail distribution list for trigger delivery mail, prepare a tag like "exclude trigger delivery mail",
If you set it as an "exclusion condition" of the mail distribution list, it will be relatively easy to operate.


  • If a lead deleted from the list satisfies the trigger conditions again, registration to the list and email transmission will be performed again.Therefore, there may be cases where there are multiple identical leads. (In the case of deleting and sending again, etc.)
    *Each number is calculated per email, not per lead.
  • The action history of mail delivery etc. remains on the timeline of each lead,The situation where the lead does not exist on the trigger delivery subscriber screenmay occur.
    * A history of deletion from trigger distribution registrants will be left on the "screen to confirm operation history".

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