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Trigger delivery

Emails will be sent individually at the timing that matches the set conditions.
The trigger condition is
・Form conversion
・Email distribution list ((Available with Business Plan and Premium Plan)
You can choose from


  • -If the trigger condition is set to "form conversion", Trigger delivery will not be performed from the second time onwards for leads who have sent CV to the form multiple times.
    ※ In addition,When a lead with a CV is deleted from "Check subscribers", If the corresponding lead does CV again, we will redistribute from Step 1.
  • -When the trigger condition is set to "mail distribution list", If you delete from the distribution subscriber list during trigger mail distribution, you need to register again to the distribution list if you want to receive it again.
    *Please note that if you re-register to the list, or if you are on the list at the next extraction without being excluded from the conditions of the mail distribution list, it will be re-delivered from step 1 mail.
  • -If you subscribed to the Entry Plan, Light Plan, or Standard Plan before version 6.9.0 and have already set up an email distribution list with trigger conditions and are running trigger distribution email, you can continue to use it, but you can use the new license separately. You cannot run triggered emails on a distribution list.

Delivery procedure

Select email type

Check the trigger delivery side and click the "Start creation" button.

Enter management information

When entering management information, you can set the "mail delivery name" and "mail management label".
The mail delivery name will be the name on the management screen.It is different from the subject at the time of delivery.
Set the mail management label so that you can easily manage what kind of mail was delivered for each mail.You can search on the screen that manages emails.

* "Email delivery name" and "Email management label" are not displayed in the delivered email.It will be the notation in the management screen.
* The mail delivery name is a required item.Also, please enter within 50 characters.
* Multiple email management labels can be set. Please fill in 1 characters or less per label.

▼ Setting image

Trigger condition setting

In the trigger condition settings, you can set "triggering conditions", "target selection", "email step count and interval", and "email delivery preference settings".
The condition that triggers

It will be.
* For details on the trigger conditions, please check each from the link above.

You can set the mail delivery request setting so that leads that "do not want" mail delivery are not automatically delivered.
If you want to deliver to "unwanted" leads, uncheck it.

▼ How to add / delete / move Step

Setting of desired mail delivery

You can set the mail delivery request setting so that leads that "do not want" mail delivery are not automatically delivered.
If you want to deliver to "unwanted" leads, uncheck it.

Click the blue "Next" button when all settings are complete.

Compose an email

The mail template selection screen is displayed.
When you place the cursor on the template you want to use, "Set template" is displayed. Click it to apply the selected template information to "Email text".

You can also select "Template" and "Delivered mail" at the bottom of the screen to select a mail template.

The template will be an email template that we will add, and if you select a delivered email, it will be displayed in the delivered email list.
To use it, place the cursor on it and click "Create based on this email" when it is displayed.

If you want to check the contents of the delivered mail, you can check the contents of the mail by hovering the cursor on the envelope button on the right side of the frame.

When composing an email, set the "subject", "sender email address / sender name", and "compose email text" when delivering the email.
In trigger delivery, it is necessary to create one "subject", "sender email address / sender name", and "create email text" for each step.

Email subject

Set the subject of the email.
Set the subject within 200 characters.You can use the email plug code.

Default source

You can set the sender's email address when delivering the email.
You can create, change, add, or delete the sender's email address by going to Email> Email Delivery.
Click here for setting the sender's email address

In addition, you can change from the sender name registered in "Set mail delivery" at the time of mail delivery.
For example, as the sender email address
Sender name: Cloud Circus Support Email address: support@mtame.co.jp Even if you register

You can freely change the sender name to a personal name such as "Tanaka: Cloud Circus Co., Ltd." at the time of distribution.

Also, if you want to deliver emails with the person in charge set as the lead, check "Use" account name, email address "of" person in charge "of the lead to deliver emails". You can send an email with the person in charge information linked to the lead.

When there are two or more persons in charge associated with the lead, it will be delivered with the default sender information set on the mail delivery screen.

If the email domain of the person in charge is different from the domain set in the SPF / DKIM settings, it will be delivered with the default sender information.
Example: If "mtame.co.jp" is registered in the SPF / DKIM settings and the email address of the person in charge is "startialab.co.jp", it will be delivered with the sender email address set by default. I will.

Creating email text

Select a template and compose the text of the email.
Click here for details on creating emails


  • * By setting the link on the HTML email (href setting), the inflow action is automatically acquired from the email.
    Only website URLs with BowNow's tracking code can get inflow actions from emails. You cannot check the URL of external sites such as Youtube.
  • * Please use the merge code when using the delivery stop form registered in Setting mail delivery.If you enter the form URL directly, the inflow action will be obtained from the email.
  • * The merge code "? Bownowmail = __ c6__" for acquiring inflow actions from emails, which was required for the old email function, is no longer required for HTML emails after the renewal.
  • * The plug-in code that acquires the inflow action from the email is not automatically reflected in the text email.
    If you want to measure the inflow from text mail, please write the red part of the code below after the URL you want to get.
  • https://URL/{{_bn_mailclick_}}
  • * The maximum number of characters in a text email is1300 letters→ Up to 30 characters (including line breaks).

Check the settings

In Checking the settings, you can check the settings of each step that have been set so far in a list.
If you want to change each step, please change from the blue "Change settings" on the right side of the step.

Confirmation of each step

You can check the contents set in each step of composing an email in a list.
If you want to change the contents, click the blue "Change settings" button on the right side of each step to move to the step screen, so make the changes.

After confirming the steps, click "Register delivery" at the bottom of the screen to complete the delivery settings.

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